Preaching Minister

Shay Smith began his journey with us as the Preaching Minister in August of 2019.  Shay and his wife, Juli, have been married since 2002 and they have one daughter, Ashlyn, who was born in 2009.  Juli serves the church along side Shay as the Community Life Coordinator.

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A little bit about Shay.

Shay grew up in the Hill Country of Texas, but has always loved the Rocky Mountains!  He has a passion for God's creation and he loves to hike in the great outdoors.  Shay also loves history, poetry, books in general, music, and sports. 


Between the Texas Longhorns and Arsenal Football Club (London), Shay keeps himself busy as a fan.  But more than anything else, Shay loves Jesus and has a deep desire to understand God's word and to share that word with others.  He has a wonderful wife, Juli, and a beautiful daughter, Ashlyn. 


The Smith family has committed themselves to be servants in Christ's Kingdom wherever in the world they find themselves.  

AIM Mission program (1998-2000). Graduated from Lubbock Christian University in 2002, Masters Degree from Austin Graduate School of Theology in 2006.

Has been in ministry since 2003. Youth and Family Minister in Austin, TX (2003-2010); Missionary to Dublin, Ireland (2010-2015); Associate Minister in Burleson, TX (2015-2019).


At the Glenwood Church of Christ, we appoint men of godly character to be elders and overseers of the church. Our elders voluntarily spend much time in shepherding and caring for the church family here in Glenwood.  Their focus is on the life of the church and caring for the spiritual needs within the Glenwood church family. If you have any needs for prayer or spiritual direction, they please make it known and we will direct you to one of our elders.


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